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I’ll risk everything to keep my family together.

Billionaire CEO Nolan Rathburn broke into my home and dragged me into his world of revenge against an infamous Chicago crime organization. Or did I walk into this mess as a willing participant? It’s hard to say no to the sexiest man alive offering you enough money to solve all your problems and stock the fridge with food.

As the sole caregiver for my teenager brother, I have to keep it together so he can break free from a life of poverty. Nolan’s offer might get us back on our feet long enough to get ahead. Jumping into this dangerous game will put my life at risk, but I don’t see another choice. If I fail, we’ll be living on the streets.

When the situation explodes, will my aloof billionaire stand by me? Or leave us destitute to face gang retaliation alone?

Want to fall into a world of money, limos, and billionaires with a side of revenge? Grab King of Hearts and watch as two worlds collide.

King of Hearts is a duet story. Queen of Hearts releases October 2023. Mind the cliff.




Pre order coming soon!
This book will first be available on Kindle Vella.


To make her mine, I’ll risk everything.

Camilla Eversole lost everything because of me. Now to protect her, I must prove my loyalty. It will take more than money or new cars to keep her. The only thing she wants is something I’m not sure I can give. My heart.

With Camilla homeless and her brother missing, she’ll have to trust me more than ever. I want to fix her problems, but the leader of Chicago’s notorious gang is banging at the door and he’s not looking to negotiate.

If I can’t stop Teddy, find Jacob, and keep Camilla safe, then we’ve lost it all and Chicago will belong to the Grandmaster.

Do you love it when a sexy billionaire CEO throws out all the stops to win over his lady? Grab Queen of Hearts and see how these two battle their way to a happily ever after.

Queen of Hearts is the stunning conclusion story which started in King of Hearts. You absolutely must-read book 1 if you want to know what is happening.