Four snowboarders.
Four races.
Four chances at love.
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Remington Jonsson – tall, gorgeous, blue eyed, Icelandic. A top contender at the Winter Games Snowboarding event. Time and the sport have taken a toll on Remington’s body and our relationship. He promised this will be his last race, but can he keep his word? This is Remi’s last chance to prove he can win the gold and my heart.

Knox Keaton – best smelling, pro snowboarder on the circuit. He’s perfect except for one minor detail. He’s my brother’s best friend. Knox is off limits, and even after a passionate night together, he’s back to treating me like a kid sister. I’ve loved Knox since we were kids and I plan to make him finally notice me.

Cyrus Hanson – Pro snowboarder, next-door neighbor, and ultimately my best friend in the world. We have a system together. He dates every girl in town and I pretend I’m not madly in love with him. I can’t keep playing games. We’ve raced down many hills together, but this time I’ll climb one to prove we belong together.

Oliver Hanson – funny, sweet, and the guy everyone wants to meet. Working at the Winter Games hasn’t always been easy, but it’s almost finished. I’m ready to hand in my clipboard and fly home… almost. First, I have to keep Oliver out of trouble and the tabloids. As the games come to a close, is there time for me to become Oliver’s ultimate win?

While each book in the Gold Medal Love – Winter Games series contains an individual happily ever after for the best experience, read them in order.